Linen towel Salt & Pepper.

Linen towel Salt & Pepper.

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Kitchen towel made of 100% linen

We fell in love with linen for its great properties - it absorbs well, dries quickly, does not get dirty easily, is durable, hypoallergenic and antibacterial - all superlatives.

The linen cloth is also excellent for polishing glasses or windows, as it does not release fibers.

Linen is ecological and environmentally friendly.

When it reaches the end of its life, it will return to the cycle of nature.

Linen becomes softer with washing and use. Its properties improve over time. It will last much longer than cotton towels.

The only disadvantage is its easier wrinkling - but according to me, a lover of linen clothes, it wrinkles simply beautifully :)

Care of linen products:

Wash at 40°C, gentle program (spin at low speed), do not tumble dry (fibers could break).

Dimensions 50 x 70 cm