About us

"Now I finally want to do what I enjoy..." he said and his gaze disappeared somewhere far away.

And she? She agreed.

Circumstances (read the Universe) sometimes lead us to what we wish for inside (but maybe afraid to say) in a different way than we expected.

[OUK] from English oak - Czech "dub".

Oak wood is subtly woven into our lives in the most magical moments - the oak floor in the new house on which our daughters took their first steps. A swing with an oak seat that he made for them. The big table where the whole family can gather. I could go on.

And it all stays with the oak...

A piece of beautiful, heavy wood that not too long ago grew nearby. Add a perfectly fitting metal body.

Designed by Hanka (kind of old-school way, on squared paper), made by Jakub and his perfectionist hands, for you.

A priceless feeling.

Our products come to life in the foothills of the Hostýn Hills, not far from our favorite Zlín, from where they travel faithfully to serve and delight you, to your homes.

Who are we?

Hanka is a born creative soul (according to her great-grandfather), who from a very young age ran into the world of colors and shapes with the help of crayons, brushes and paints, or clay and glazes.
After years of studies, she started her own business in another field and applied her creativity in computer graphics and interior design, but also in baking sourdough bread and gardening.
Now she feels great with her hands smeared with clay as she imprints a piece of herself into her products.
She also takes product photos, writes texts and makes desings of our ouk products.

Jakub thrives on tables, numbers, organization and consistent preparation. Actually the opposite of Hanka.
He does not overlook any detail and loves precise work. Always looking for ways to do it better.
Anything sloppy pisses him off.
After years in the "corporate", he is fulfilling his dream and producing furniture for you, which he is not afraid to sign.

What we have in common?
The most important things - a surname, two kids, two dogs and the same outlook on life :) And also the fact that we have reached a stage in life when we really care about whether we fill our time meaningfully. And that's what it's all about.

Thank you for supporting small brand from the Czech republic!