Oak Kitchen Cutting Board Kouzli.

Oak Kitchen Cutting Board Kouzli.

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A proper oak chopping board with proper proportions for every kitchen magician

I dreamed of this "cutting board" a few years ago. End-grain oak wood forms a beautiful mosaic of pith rays, which makes each piece original and will thus become a unique decoration of your kitchen.

At the same time, it fulfills its function without compromise, it is durable, stable and also gentle on knife edges.

Its dimensions will please any fan of really big cutting boards.
The impressive strength of the 4 cm board is awe-inspiring.
A solid foundation for every kitchen.

Massive cutting board with grooves for catching liquid.
Hand fired logo.
Made in the Czech Republic of Czech wood.

We say no to mineral oil

We decided not to coat this divine piece of oak with mineral oil, as is usual with cutting boards. A synthetic substance that originates from petroleum does not belong to food - we say. Instead, the wood is infused with a specially treated vegetable oil that is stable and does not oxidize. Nature is definitely a better choice than a petroleum product, which is harmful not only to us, but also to the environment.

With a little care, this cutting board will last you for decades

A few things to maintain its beauty:

  • no long soaking in the sink - best to wash and dry!
  • do not wash in the dishwasher (obviously :))
  • not suitable for chopping and tapping
  • watch out for sudden changes in temperature (do not place a hot pot on the cutting board, do not dry it in the sun)
  • treat with a suitable oil as needed (we add the oil sample to the cutting board)
Wood Masivní dub tl. 4 cm, na kant
Dimensions 45 x 35 x 4 cm
Weight cca 4,5 kg