Wall mounts for eBike charger - Multiple color options

An end to charger anarchy

Again, there is something that arose out of our own need. And it's so awesome that we want to offer it to you too!
We know that opinions differ, but we do not allow our e-bikes to be compromised. What slightly spoiled our joy on the bike rides was the annoying untangling of the charger cables, figuring out where to plug it and then trying to put it all back as it was.

A unique solution for easy charging of an e-bike

We thought about how to make this "torture" as pleasant as possible - and at the same time add some bonus. The result is our e-BikeDock Plus, which, in addition to the function of a wall holder for an e-bike charger, also elegantly organizes all cycling essentials.
//Bonus - It looks really nice in the garage!

And because it was clear to us that not everyone has the same needs, we also made a second version - the e-BikeDock Mini, which is simply "just" a smart ebike charger holder that will make your life easier.

Compatible with all e-bike manufacturers

Our charger "wallboxes" are compatible with all available e-bike chargers on the market (Bosch, Bafang, Brose, Specialized, Shimano, Yamaha and others).

Easy to install and even easier to use

Designed for maximum user comfort.