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Charger revolution for eBikes, eScooters, eSkates and others: Multifunctional wall charger holder

Again, there is something that came out of our own need. And it's so awesome that we want to offer it to you too!

For eBike, eScooter, eSkate and other e-devices

No more annoying untangling of charger cables, figuring out "where to go with it" and then trying to stuff it all back the way it was. We bring you a solution that will change your view of charging once and for all.

Thoughtful design for everyday use

Our multifunctional wall mounts for e-bike chargers (eScooters, eSkate and more) are created with one goal in mind: to make charging a joy. When designing them, we thought about all aspects of cycling life and we are really happy with the result:

  • A place for the charger with the possibility of easy storage of cables: Charging is extremely user-friendly, the charger can be easily removed or installed back if necessary. Everything is a matter of seconds.
  • Ventilated shelf for helmet or shoes: You no longer have to hesitate where to place your cycling equipment. Now you have a special place for your helmet or shoes, and that too with a ventilated construction.
  • Multifunctional slots for hanging gloves: Cut-outs of different sizes for many options for storing gloves or other uses.
  • Space for storing glasses: Easy storage of several pairs of glasses in one place.
  • Cutouts for easy placement of tools, hangers with functional clothes, or anything else: We created all storage spaces for multifunctional use. It's up to you how you use them. The arrangement is easy and everything is clear.
  • Compatibility with all available e-bike chargers: No matter what brand of e-bike you use, our wall mount is compatible with all chargers on the market, including Bosch, Bafang, Brose, Specialized, Shimano, Yamaha and more.
  • Easy to install and use: Easy to install and simple to use means you'll have your charger ready to go the moment you get back from your ride.
  • High strength and heat resistance: Our wall bracket is made of strong and durable steel, which ensures its long life and resistance to damage in daily use.

How is eDock used?

Complete equipment at your fingertips

Our multi-functional wall mount for eBike charger is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to keep their cycling equipment well organized and easily accessible. With it, you can focus on what you love most – riding an electric bike.

We make eDock in two variants

eDock Plus - a complete solution for storing and organizing your equipment and an easy e-bike / e-device charging solution.

eDock Mini - a more compact solution for only the charger and facilitating the charging of e-bikes / e-devices.

Original design from the Czech Republic

We designed and manufacture our wall charger holders 100% in the Czech Republic, near Zlin, with an emphasis on quality, functionality and design.

Forget the chaos and disorganization of eBike charging. A new world of simplicity and organization opens up for you with our multi-functional wall charger holder. Get ready for a carefree cycling adventure with our innovative solution.

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